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Sue & Mick Churchill

Spiritual Support & Clearance

We specialise in helping to resolve any spiritual difficulties you may be experiencing; in your home or on a personal level.

Browse through our site to discover  more about:

  • the nature of what we do 

  • the problems we can help with 

  • the  possible causes

  • advice on self care and protection

We are sensitive and discreet in our approach and methods.
Working with you to assess what is causing any negative spiritual activity, we aim to resolve and support recovery

Keeping The Balance describes some of the cases we have resolved including ; psychic attack, negative energy & demonic type energies, lost souls, possession, negative energy lines, attachments.

It also covers explanations of the possible causes of spiritual or paranormal activity and problems along with information on spiritual development, protection & paranormal investigation.

Available from Amazon in paperback or Kindle.

Click on the image for the link and more info.

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